Yueming Li



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Leave Me Blank

In the process of my feminine consciousness awakening, I realized that the gaze, judgment, and embellished frames entwined in my memories had long become traumas.
Such gazes were disguised with positive expressions like “appreciation” and “admiration,” while as an independent individual, my thoughts, feelings, and will were ignored and dismissed. For the gazers, I was merely an ornamental figure in human form. I created this piece to convey the oppression and discomfort I have experienced through symbols and metaphors.

MaMaUsing symbols and metaphors, I discussed, explored, and visualized my relationship with my mother.
The upbringing of Chinese women in my generation involves a blending of conservative and progressive ideas. In this social backdrop, many mother-daughter relationships are marked by a mix of love and pain. 
My mother and I are connected by blood, yet we are spiritually bound to each other; we hold hands, but we rarely express our love verbally. How do we balance hope, aspirations, concern, independence, and privacy? I am seeking answers while begging for and escaping from Mama’s love simultaneously.