Yueming Li



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Starting with learning Chinese brush painting at the age of four, Yueming Li began to explore different art forms and artistic styles. As she practiced her skills with various traditional media, her passion for visualizing her imagination and abstract feelings encouraged her to explore digital illustration.

Driven by a fascination with the narrativity of illustration, Yueming seeks to delve into the visualization of the inner world through metaphors and symbols. With experience studying abroad since her teenage years, she believes that visual language eliminates the barriers among different languages and cultures.

Her illustration serve as a bridge of sharing and communication. Through her work, Yueming invites the viewers and audience on a journey of self-exploration and analysis.  

The Merit Awards, iJungle Illustration Awards, 2022
The Merit Award, China Illustration Art Yearbook, 2022
Honorable Mention, Three x Three International Illustration Awards, 2022
Nomination, Hiii Illustration International Competition, 2021