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Started with learning Chinese brush painting at the age of four, Yueming Li has begun to explore different art forms and artistic files. After learning pencil drawing, watercolor, gouache, and oil painting, she began to express her imagination through illustrations and eventually chose illustration as her undergraduate major.

During her four years at Maryland Institute College of Art, Yueming focused on the narrative side of illustration. She believes that visual language eliminates the barriers among different languages and cultures.

This thought came from her seven years of studying and living experience in the United States, from high school to college, when she experienced the cultural differences between East and West.

At first, she hoped to illustrate abstract orient philosophical and aesthetic concepts for people who are not familiar with them. Later, she expanded the idea to other areas, such as book illustration, album cover design, label design, and product making (postcard, phone and tablet cases, etc.).

Yueming is particularly interested in visualizing poems and is delighted with the challenge of translating words into images. She adapted her struggles of self-cultural identity when studying abroad into a visual novel, hoping to encourage international students who face similar difficulties.

In addition to painting, Yueming enjoys reading poetry and traveling, two activities that she finds most inspiring.