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Endless Moonlight

This series of illustrations delves into the rich significance of the moon in Chinese culture. Through the illustrations, I visualized the imagination and interpretation of the moon from both cultural and personal perspectives.

Endless Moonlight documents the result of my self-exploration. Using metaphors and symbols, I depicted the experiences, thoughts, and feelings that have shaped me as an individual. 

Moreover, this project aims to serve as a bridge of cultural sharing and communication, providing audiences from different cultural backgrounds an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of my culture. By doing so, I hope to dissolve language barriers and dispel stereotypes about Chinese people and our culture, which were often caused by political reasons.

From my ancestors to myself, everything illuminated by the endless moonlight is expressed, depicted, and interpreted through the universal visual language.

Bury Me
Bury me where the Moon’s light could reach. Her sight is my wordless inscription. 

When reading the destiny from palm lines, I found, the Moon had long been a part of it.

Her Hometown
What does Her home look like?
I wondered and imagined:
on the treetop, on the water, or in the clouds?

The Missed Piece
“I have been looking for you,” I said to Her.
She responded silently with her gentle light.
LightingMay She shine upon me and light up my path, even if my existence is a burning candle.
Where is my root? In the china.
How did I grow? Within Her sight.

The Cycle A visualization with moon phases, symbols and metaphors that represents my experience from birth to present: the moments of joy and sadness, parting and reunions. 

Water Moon
“Flower in the mirror, Moon in the water (镜花水月)” — beautiful yet unattainable dreams and illusions. 
I can never reach the Moon in the sky or reflected in the water, but the moonlight and shimmering waves that transform into goldfish flow in my dreams eternally. 

The Tearful EyeThe Moon commonly represents “homesickness” in Chinese literature. 
The old apartment where I grew up was sold to new owners. It remains the symbol of “home” to me, even though I can never return. While memories fade with time, perhaps one day its door and windows will forever close to me, and it eventually become my “Moon in the water.”

The Eternal Moon
“People today do not see the moon of ancient times,
Yet the present-day moon has shone upon the ancients.
Whether of the past or present, people are like flowing wtater, 
Together they see the same moon.   ”
                  Li, Bai, “Holding a Wine Cup, I Ask the Moon.”

In the moonlight, I look at him, across thousands of years.

The Garden
I am a transient wanderer in Her garden, capturing Her eternal existence within my own.
The Wishes
The tree carreis these wishes, as its branches become roots in the air, reaching up into the sky, until the moon’s path becomes a part of it.

All Since the Waxing Crescent on November 18th A documentation of my experience learning visual art and exploring my inner self: struggles and exploration, ups and downs.